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Available for parties (or whatever you've got)

I've been a side man since the Ford Administration.  I've played with pop bands, rock bands, blues bands, country bands, even a jazz band or two.  At times, I've been pretty busy.  And if I have an open date, I'm always happy to fill in or sit in.

But all along I've been writing my songs.  Since 1972, there has to be somewhere between three and five thousand by now.  And I'm always looking for a place to play them.

So if you've got a coffee house or a little tavern or you're putting on some kind of gathering in Central Iowa, and you want to bring in some live entertainment that's a little different (I guess everybody thinks they're a little different), give me a call or send me an email.

And if you want to perform or record a John Burns original, there's plenty to go around.

Des Moines music